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IAD Conference 2010 in Dresden

Large River Basins: Danube meets Elbe. Challenges - Strategies - Solutions.

First announcement: "IAD - The 38th International Conference"Source: H. Kutzenberger, Austria

Scope of the Conference

The 38th IAD Conference focuses on large river basins by comparing the Danube with the Elbe and the catchments of other large rivers. The establishment of the Danube River Basin Management Plan in the EC Water Framework Directive gave rise to questions about the scientific state-of-the-art and method harmonization. The sub-title “Challenges Strategies Solutions” encompasses the wide field of environmental protection in aquatic ecosystems, where IAD is an important actor. We hope to gather many contributions covering the full range of spatial scales, from small streams and headwaters to big lowland rivers and floodplains, and ultimately up to the synopsis of river basin management and implementation strategies in river protection and restoration.

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